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last gundam report eva

Anything I've rated a 7 or below on MYANIMELIST I can pretty much say I despise. I can't handle stupid LITTLE animes without character development or too little or toomuch plot and arrrg...why is it so hard for animes to get it right? I don't expect anything to be satire (<3) because it is such a difficult genre to find, but I do expect:
plot + character development
its all ANYTHING needs for me to like it. just those two things...but so much fail, especially in the character development department.

too much plot makes things unwatchable. too little plot makes one barf.  too much character development makes a daytime soap. No or little character development makes things flat.

but i think the reason why I like anime is because when they do have both departments, they are absoutely breathtaking. like, Death Note, the perfect balance...Monster (Okay, Monster isn't a good example, that anime is too amazing)...umm, lets see, more simple examples...Code Geass, Ghost Hound is a decent one, Fullmetal Alchemist! Fullmetal Alchemist carries a simple, steady balance in between the two- nothing advanced about it. Brotherhood is amazing, in so many ways, I can't believe something as good as it exists.

ANYWAY, enuf with rant, I can't help it when I just sat through 50 episodes of a show that was obsessed with its cliche plot and had no character development...8D

[spoilers, again, Lisa, don't read. ]

Gundam 00
Rating: 6/10, for Setsuna eye candy. Without him...I don't know how I would've done it O_O

There. Done it. Sad I didn't like it better. It was probably the wrong Gundam, anyway, but at least I can say I've watched it. Fufufufuu...I had to do it, much to my despite! The anime was far worse than anything, but I tried my very hardest to like it, and I suceeded...somewhat...X_X
I really wished I had Ookiku Furikabutte on my harddrive instead. I want to watch that anime so bad, damnit, but the world compels me.

but, screw about what I wish I could have done, I had to do it and I suceeded and that's the main point. I couldn't have picked a better time to watch it, either, because if I wasn't sick with the swine flu my mind wouldn't have found any entertainment from the show, and thus I couldn't have watched it. I NEEDED to watch it...so..soo...YEAH, I SHOULD STOP COMPLAINING 8D

The only good points

-they fucked up Louise and Saji's relationship, which brought it to epic levels. Honestly the only thing the show did right.
- the Haro's, such a neat thing, but they weren't even original to the anime, anyway...so they count towards shit all.
- the concept of Setsuna. They had great potential with him, but didn't use any of it. Thus Setsuna is a shitty character...but I'll like him for what he could have been.

Everything else was terrible, absoutely terrible. butineedtostopcomplaining... it was my decison to watch the show. I shouldn't complain about it. I need to shut my mouth and pretend I liked it, because hell, I'll be pretending I liked it if I ever happen to bring it forth 8D Heh....he...he...I'm hopeless >.< I won't ever do anything nor will I be able too...


Gundam report

[umm..spoilers in this post and lots of misspelled words because I'm sick and can't type.]

Well, I'd figured I'd blog about season 1 of MSGundam00, because I finished it and Alex would want me too (cuz she did herself and I had to go back and read her entry O_O)

I figured it would be more sad...but really, it wasn't. There were only two sad scenes, and it was the one with Louise and Saji...and the second one was with Micheal's death. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DIEDD...lmao, he was such a great guy! I don't care about Johann though and wtf happened to Nena? Don't know, don't care...but I really liked Micheal.

I also don't care about Lockon. How could I, he barly did anything. None of the characters do anything, not even Setsuna. (shh but I still like him anyway). When Lockon dies, all the characters go emo and Setsuna does a Light screamtypething and Tiera goes girly...I'm like, okay. What-the-hell-ever. Been there, done that...Lockon was pretty much an asshole in my book, anyway. I liked his Haro better. They should all be crying over Haro instead. ..okay, not literally, like that Felt chick. That was gross.
It seemed that Setsuna was the only one who saw the pain of that poor Haro.

and then there was more death of characters that had done absoutely nothing for the plot. do you expect me to care about the death of some chick and dude who barly had any lines and just sucked?

this show is good for the swine flu. I really don't want to watch the next season but I'm going to have to. I wish I  had a better show on my hardrdrive then this one. I'd rather be watching Code Geass again, honestly. Atleast that show had character development.

overall, decent crack show, but i really really dont want to watch the second season. It's as boring as hell but I'll feel bad if I watch half of it and not the rest. I'll just watch it for Setsuna, I guess, and maybe for whatever Saji and that gay Ribbons guy are going to do. I have nothing else to watch for because every other element of the show sucks >.<




I heard it months ago but I thought it was just a stupid rumor, but nope! Voice actors have been given 8D
I hope they don't make it like the next 07-Ghost or KMM, because it won't be directed towards shonen-ai lovers. Actually, Studio Deen doesn't have it, so that's good! It may be a shoujo in disguise, because I am convinced that Yuki is a girl. But I don't care, the manga is fantastic, that means it'll be awesome.
and I can't wait to see Yuki animated!!!! <3 Love his voice! And Takahiro is perfect for Luka, but Fukajun for Tsukumo? No way! Who is voicing Hostuma and Shusei? Actually, no, those two might be to gay to even make it into the anime...but then again, it is the studio who did Loveless.

and yeah, that's all I felt like spazzing out about before I go to work, lmao. I hope Alex and Lisa decide to watch the anime with me.

Embrace the Très Bien Moi

ummm i figured id update my LJ with something since I haven't in a while...
Japanese are good at speaking French!!! Or maybe its just Onosaka...
and umm.....oh, lets just talk about hot people
yesterday the hottest guy i've ever seen in my life came through my lane. i sorta lost my breath. its not very often you see such a hot guy....especially for one to have that effect on me, I check out so many hot guys in a day that I've started to get bored of it and check out girls instead 8D there are a lot of hot girls around, like there is this plastic blond chick in my school who had fuzzy handcuffs on her shirt. I freaked.
and then there is alex, who's boobs continue to get bigger and BIGGGGERRRR! THEY'LL BECOME ONE WITH THE WORLD!!!
and there was a guy on my bus WHO WAS A PERFECT ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!
he had a perfect British accent, and was wearing a LEATHER JACKET!!! He had HUGE EYEBROWS!! AND HE WAS HOTT!!!
if that isn't England, then I don't know what is..I caught his name, too, so now i'm stalking him on facebook. i hope he plays guitar. there is also this hot guy in my science class who im also stalking. I fail 8D I'll be doing this my entire school life fufufufufufufufufufuuuufufufufufufufufufufufufu
ummmmmmmmm and yeah i better go to work now laterz 8D



Nay, Pallas Laura, casts sin upon thee, Big-Boobed Alex, thee lusts thy Korean men.....

won't be long now, until I can speak in Greek mythology dialogue ....tehehehehehehehe fufufufufufufufufuffufufufu



(making this text super small cuz im too lazy to make a cut)

Yes, yes I am now offically special. I work at a grocery store, and I get a lot of tourists come through my lane.
I have to handle credit cards and shit by looking at their signatures on the back. And Chinese people always sign in Kanji, lol...I freaked out when I first saw someone writing kanji to me, but I quickly got over it since every Chinese person did- and I get a lot of Chinese people coming through, they even work at the store selling sushi! lol, I want to try that sushi...
but TODAY, an Asian (who I assumed was Chinese) handed me her credit card. and on the back? Not kanji, but HIRAGANA. I was like...HOLY SHIT. So I asked her if she knew Japanese, and she was totally surprised that I could tell XD (Apparently, everyone thought she was Chinese, lol)...and she said that she moved from Japan to Ontario a few years ago for work, and at the moment was on vacation. I just stood there like 8D And then I had a sudden urge to go otaku or scream something Japanese...heh...heh...heh...
Now, if only I could get someone Finnish to swear at (cuz I only know Finnish swear words lmao)...that would be epic and a dream come true XD I'd much rather someone from Scandinavia come through my lane, because I OWN Scandinavia, man. The Nordic countries belong to MEEEEEE!

and in other news...
after deciding that it was impossible to beat the league with lvl 47's, I upped my team up 3 levels and got SOOO bored so, about at 11 at night, I was like screw it and entered the stupid place


with lvl 50s. well, actually, some upped to lvl 51s at the end.
omg, look at all the Japanese names going across my screen...and it says FIN at the end? Epic...

my hall of fame entry is...
Perkele- Golduck- Lvl51
Poland- Rapidash -Lvl 51
Gangsta- Bibarel - Lvl 50
Pierrot- Staraptor - Lvl 50
Sophie- Luxray - Lvl 51
Quif - Torterra- Lvl 51

message to Alex: I have to go to visit my uncle in the morning so if I don't pick up the phone that's why...


touched by his noodly appendage

ahaha a fic brought back some memories from when I was obsessed with His Noodleyness.
Yes, I am a pastafarian.
Let thar be pirates !
i also support FSM/Italy, lawlz


Hetalia BFF's

One of my favorites is Italy and Poland. Lmfao, I can just see them just going shopping in fashionable clothes and talking about their boyfriends~

Italy: I want some pasta! Can we go get some?
Poland: Totally, but only if we can like, DYE IT PINK!
Italy: Pink pasta, fabulous idea! It sounds delicious~

And my other favorite is no doubt England and Norway.

Norway: Trolls are nastier. They always lure children into my house, so that us why we have the sudden infant death syndrome.
England: You mean cot death? Yeah, we have that too, but its those damn changelings that kill our children!
Norway: Ouch. That, combined with your drinking and cooking? I smell a holocaust...
England: YOU BLOODY GIT!!!

I can only see Denmark/Norway happening if it was one-sided...
There is no doubt in my mind that Denmark likes Norway. But, Norway insults him in return, and shows no interest towards him whatsoever.
Tsundere? I think not, for Norway is kind to Iceland, always expressing his feelings to him. Not to mention that Norway's over-protectiveness with Iceland is really cute + Iceland's adorable tsundere reaction at being called Norway's brother is  ♥ !
Tsundere's are rude towards everyone, only letting feelings occasionally slip towards those that they love.
Norway is kind towards everyone (especially Iceland), but he just expresses hate towards Denmark.
See the difference?

Denmark is too dim-witted to be worthy of Norway, so that explains why he insults him- for kicks. Denmark probably forces Norway to do things for him, or Norway does them willingly but only out of pity.
That's just the way I see it, but I'm sure that there are many different views on it, as canon relationships between the Nordics haven't been fully established yet ^_^

and, sure, I could care less when I see Greece with Turkey, or Japan with, lets say, England. I like the pairings, but I tend to think of them as crack. I don't take them seriously. How could I?
Greece obviously really, really likes Japan. I don't even need to state that, or anything else, besides this one fact-
Japan doesn't have anything in common with other nations. He is quiet and keeps to himself.
But, not with Greece. He'll sit for hours talking to Greece, and convey/show all of his feelings to him. Most nations go to Japan for advice, Japan goes to Greece for advice.
Japan is most like true self around Greece, because Greece is most like him. The two just go together, and there is no one in Hetalia more fitting for Japan than Greece...
so when I see Greece with Turkey, I sincerely hope that the pairing isn't viewed seriously, because those two really hate each other. And when I see Japan with other nations, I can understand it, but...
What Japan likes is having things like intelligent conversations where everything is considered, and sharing common interests. America is to stupid to give him that, and England has too many qualities that Japan tries to stay away from (such as being too competitive and doing things for his own benefit.)
and wtf, shouldn't America and England be with each other instead, mingling in that special relationship of theirs? 8D

anyway, end of my little ramblings, it's off to bed for me~